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Pushkar, surrounded by hills on three sides and located 14 km from Ajmer, is the fifth of India’s sacred pilgrimage sites. A visit to Pushkar is believed to bring salvation to the pilgrim. This City with its Lake that is fabled to have been created by a lotus fallen from the hand of Lord Brahma, has a fascinating history.

Quaint yet colorful, Pushkar is renowned for two things: it has one of the only temples in the world dedicated to Lord Brahma, and it hosts the annual Pushkar Camel fair. It is this latter that has made Pushkar a major tourist destination for one week each year. For one week only, Pushkar is flooded with up to 200,000 visitors and more than 50,000 camels adorned with nose rings, bangles and bracelets. Animals are traded and sold as well as beautiful handmade goods, and food, music and dancing are available in abundance.


Many travelers opt to visit Jaipur at the start or tail end of their trip to the Pushkar Camel Fair because of close proximity (approx 2 ½ hrs drive) and it is those travelers who have an interest in seeing the two cities whom we wish to attract. This year, in accordance with the full moon, the fair begins on the 14th of November and ends on the 23rd of November. Savista offers several packages for guests wishing to visit the Pushkar Fair.

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