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Savista, at Village Sanjharia, Off Ajmer Road, Jaipur 302042, Rajasthan

Haveli (Main House)

Haveli is the term used for a private mansion in South Asia, usually one with historical and architectural significance. The word haveli is derived from the Arabic haveli, through the Persian hawli, meaning “an enclosed place”.  Havelis share similar features with other mansions derived from Islamic[…]

Pool Court

The haveli rises in two levels around a central pool-court, overlooked by balconies and terraces that girdle the entire complex. The 20-metre swimming pool is of environmentally conscious design, refilled each day with fresh, cool water that is continuously recycled[…]

The Grounds

The Savista estate consists of 12 acres.  Although extremely modest by international standards, it is in keeping with the average size of farms in India. The grounds are filled with trees and ornamental shrubs, flowering shrubs line all the pathways,[…]


Savista’s unique location in the tranquil eastern Rajasthan countryside offers a welcome relief from the sensory overload of frenetic urban India. The resort’s quiet environs are marked by dense greenery, wooded ravines and undulating cropland interspersed with sand dunes. The[…]

Guest Photos

 What our guests are saying… Savista is exactly the sort of place one hopes to find on a visit to India. The place is a delight, the staff genuinely friendly, the pool extraordinary, the rooms individually designed, and the food[…]

Design Aesthetic

The three crucial spaces at Savista are:  the haveli, the eastern complex, and the open spaces consisting of  gardens and croplands.  Each is designed to have its own unique existence and identity.   Yet, each also exists in harmony with[…]