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Savista, at Village Sanjharia, Off Ajmer Road, Jaipur 302042, Rajasthan


The Hibiscus Court is the restaurant at Savista Retreat. We are vegetarian. Breakfast is western-style. The other meals are a combination of south and north Indian cuisines, with a selection of cosmopolitan elements – soups, and a special focus on[…]

Hibiscus Court Sports Space

The Hibiscus Court Sports Space – Elevate Your Game Experience! 🏏⚽️🏐 Ready to redefine your leisure time? The Hibiscus Court Sports Space at Savista goes beyond being just a family and friends hangout – it is a dynamic games zone[…]

Volunteering opportunities

Savista invites volunteers to participate in three areas of its work:  Community outreach programmes: these mainly involve working with rural schoolchildren in the 11-18 years age group; Organic farming activities: Savista engages in organic farming for its own needs; this[…]


If you are a writer/artist/scholar, or are simply looking to give yourself the gift of time away from the familiar daily hurly-burly and the demands (and delights) of family and social  life, Savista offers the opportunity of residencies for a[…]

Retreat Venue


Tell us if you belong to any of the categories below, and we may be able to work out something special for you: Solo women travelers – If you are a solo woman traveler wanting to put down roots for[…]

Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary

The Keoladeo (Bharatpur) National Bird Sanctuary, India’s most famous bird sanctuary, is a mere three-and-a-half-hour drive away from Savista. A day trip from Savista is possible, combining it with a visit to the Abhaneri step well – an architectural gem[…]


The following list contains over 80 varieties of common birds of the northern Indian plains that can be seen in and around the Savista estate. Guests are invited to identify more that can be added to the list. Every year or so we[…]


Visit to an elephant sanctuary – ‘Elefantastic’ in Jaipur to interact with elephants and learn how to communicate with them, help bathe and feed them, and enjoy short rides on them.

Camel Cart Rides

The camel is an icon of Rajasthan.  For centuries before tractors, buses and cars penetrated the interior countryside, camels and camel carts were the main mode of transport for both people and goods, and as draft animals for crop cultivation[…]