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Savista, at Village Sanjharia, Off Ajmer Road, Jaipur 302042, Rajasthan

Peacocks have finally come to live at Savista!

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Two peacocks and two or three peahens have finally taken up residence at Savista – making us very happy – after spending two years prospecting the place and using it as a weekend hideaway! (We had reported on these weekend forays last year in our post

The pictures here were taken a few weeks ago on a drizzly day when we came upon this chap who seemed totally mesmerised by his own image in the glass pane of one of our garden suites. He must have been spending an age trying to figure it out. We watched for a bit and when we finally crept up from behind to take some pictures, he started striding off at top speed trying to look very busy and stand-offish, but still wearing a perplexed and thoughtful look on his face! Since then, we have found them wandering around the haveli and grounds at all hours.