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Savista, at Village Sanjharia, Off Ajmer Road, Jaipur 302042, Rajasthan


The lime is a prized fruit in Rajasthan, given its cooling properties, and is addressed affectionately in folklore as Nimbuda.  At Savista, too, the lime is a favoured fruit; the Savista  farm has over a hundred lime trees.

This spacious tubular room on the ground floor in the north-east corner of the haveli has the coolest of lime green interiors. One of the unique features of this room is that due to, both, its location and the two large sets of French windows stretching across two of its walls, it remains cool through the summer and cozy through the winter.  The green colour theme blends seamlessly with the luminous green landscape that comes right up to the French windows and the many smaller windows of the room and bathroom: groves of Neem, Khejri and Lesva trees.  Beyond the screen of leaves can be glimpsed the nursery where our vegetables grow.  The room exudes an atmosphere of deep relaxation and timelessness.

The decor is modern:  a wrought iron king bed, writing desk and armoire.  The basket chairs – locally made of kusha reeds from the now-dry river bed just beyond the boundary wall of the estate – are part of the village craft traditions of the region.  The coffee table top is specially designed using pale green antique glazed tiles.

The room’s balcony looks out on to the pool and anchors the room to the rest of the haveli.