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Jaipur, India
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The Hibiscus Court is the restaurant at Savista Retreat.

The food  philosophy is farm-to-fork: vegetarian, organic, healthy, glocal.  The cereals (wheat, millets, barley), beans, oilseeds (from which we press our own cooking oil) and most of the vegetables are from the Savista farm where they are grown free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The sheep on the farm provide the milk for yoghurt and cheese.  Each  meal is prepared from scratch, using the freshest ingredients. The cuisine is a blend of south and north Indian, with a selection of cosmopolitan elements – soups, and a special focus on salads – all cooked in home-style.  The traditional slow cooking process is a layered and textured one, and is calculated to retain freshness and natural flavours. The tasting menu is pre-set, and consists of five courses.

We believe that food should be eaten in an ambience that is calm, unhurried, natural and elegant. The Hibiscus Court is set in a grove of ancient trees heady with fragrance from leafy walls of flowering hibiscus, frangipani, henna and other shrubs, with lush gardens and open countryside stretching out in all directions around it.  Seating is outdoors at most times of year, and indoors in extreme hot and cold weathers.

Breakfast is usually to the accompaniment of twittering birds and whooping parrots.

Lunch is served alfresco.

Dinner is candle-lit, warmed in winter by braziers if in the open, or by fireplaces if in the indoors.


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