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Guest Stories: “Another View of Savista “

Even while Ellie was clicking Savista in exhuberant colour and composing her collages (see previous post titled “WinterSavista”), Christopher Edwards  was amusing himself with creating yet “another view of Savista” as he called it. Christopher and Mona Edwards were at Savista for an extended vacation over Christmas and the new year.  Apart from a couple […]

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Guest Stories: A Working Holiday at Savista

                  When Ling Choo Tan wrote to us from China to say that she wished to be at Savista for ten days to do block printing, and that she would prefer to drive straight here from Delhi international airport and drive straight back for her flight back to China at […]

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GUEST STORIES: Block Printing on Holiday

One of the most memorable holiday trips. A 10-day trip that focused on printing patterns on fabric using traditional printing technique i.e. hand-block printing, and turning them into cushion covers. The prints were inspired by travels through Middle East, the love for Islamic motifs, patterns and and basic colors. 4 patterns: 1) ‘Hamsa’ the palm […]

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GUEST STORIES: Designing for a More Harmonious World

Carol Miltimore is one of the many designers travelling through India whom we have had the pleasure to host.   She works with natural fibres, natural dyes, and traditional craftspersons to create beautiful clothes that satisfy, both, the urge for fashion and the yearning for harmony with nature and ordinary people. When she arrived at […]

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GUEST STORIES: India-England Cricket Match at Savista Hotel

It was England and India playing cricket at Savista! Savista’s brand new cricket pitch – the latest addition to its many features – was inaugurated by a T-10 match played by two mixed India-England teams captained by two of Savista’s guests,  Francesca (11) and her brother Cameron (12).  Francesca is an under-12 player for Hampshire County, and  Cameron […]

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GUEST STORIES: Reflections of a Mind-Body Healing Practitioner

Stuart Robertson runs a yoga-physiotherapy teaching-studio-cum-therapy practice in Hampshire called 1-2-1 Yogatherapy where he integrates physiotherapy and yoga in his work with children and adults.  His special passion is teaching yoga to and working with children with disabilities.  Given the toll that modern living takes on the body and mind, his Healthy Spine clinic ought […]

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GUEST STORIES: A Journalist’s Reflections on Savista

When we asked veteran British journalist Richard Horsman to send us a contribution to our blog, we had no doubt that we would be rewarded with a thoughtful and sensitive piece. What has pleasantly surprised us is the vividness of his memories of his stay with us.  Through the last five years of Savista’s existence, […]

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GUEST STORIES:Shutterbugging With Little Lamas

One of the things that adds vivacity to life at Savista is that a large proportion of our guests come from the creative professions – artists, theatre people, designers of all kinds, photographers of all kinds… It is equally a fact that many of our guests are professionals in the field of science and medicine, […]

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GUEST STORIES: The Joys and Insights of Travel

A trip to Savista is a meeting, first and foremost. As a westerner and a European, it is always a privilege to experience the world differently. I have been travelling since my early age, as my father was a French diplomat, and ever since the age of 2, I have been journeying round the world. […]

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