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Savista, at Village Sanjharia, Off Ajmer Road, Jaipur 302042, Rajasthan

Savista’s USP: Slow, Natural, Sustainable

At Savista we guarantee our guests safe drinking water, fresh air and nutritious food:

Drinking Water

The water at Savista – whether in the bathroom taps, in the jug in your room, or in the swimming pool – is
eminently potable as it is drawn from our own deep bore wells. We have worked hard to make this possible,
and are proud of it. You never have to think of plastic bottled water when you stay at Savista, for you can
drink, wash and swim in water that is pure, sweet-tasting, safe, natural and fresh.


Our rural location, unmanicured gardens and sylvan grounds – particularly the bacteria-destroying Neem trees
everywhere on the property– ensure that the air at Savista is not only perennially fresh, but also tinged with
the fragrance of locally flowering plants whatever the season. Bird calls from and sightings of over 85
varieties of birds, and clear skies at night that showcase stars and planetary constellations undimmed by
citylights, add to the magic of closeness to nature.


Food at Savista is vegetarian, and is organically grown on our farm that sprawls modestly around the haveli
and can be seen from the guest rooms and visited. Wheat, barley, a range of millets and a variety of beans
and pulses provide our complex carbohydrates and proteins. Our cooking oil comes from our own oilseeds,
mainly sesame and mustard that are cold pressed. And we grow most of our own salad and other vegetables.

Cooking practices

Our slow cooking practices using fresh natural ingredients and subtle freshly ground spices make for tasty
food that is also wholesome and healthy. This is one place where you can safely eat salad/raw food!
Expect natural exhuberance that is light on the stomach, rather than the artifice of synthetic or frozen
ingredients camouflaged as gourmet fare.

Integrated living

The presence of livestock on the Savista farm, through their wastes, make for rich organic manure that
nourishes our crops, grass and flowers. Our sheep are our natural lawn mowers! Their milk also makes for
our delicious home-made yoghurt served at breakfast. And the plentiful presence of wild bees, we believe,
are nature’s own way of certifying that we are on the right path!

Integration with the local community

Our staff – largely women – are all drawn from local farming families. They cook the food at Savista in the
only way that they know as family carers – with love, and the desire to nourish those whom they are serving.
Savista’s staff may lack the frills and apparent sophistication of staff at high end hotels, but they display
natural warmth and unpretentious hospitality, and take their service roles very seriously without any
expectation of gratuity; they are the backbone of Savista. The opportunity for direct interaction with
such real, ordinary, everyday people does not leave guests untouched.

In a nutshell, Savista offers a unique opportunity for a transformative travel experience that lingers
in the mind long after the Instagram ‘likes’ have become a jaded memory.