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Savista, at Village Sanjharia, Off Ajmer Road, Jaipur 302042, Rajasthan



Savista offers 12 elegantly-designed and comfortable guest-rooms, to make every guest feel special and well looked-after. All have ensuite bathrooms (with shower), are air-conditioned, and have heating for the winter months. A few select rooms have fire-places. Every room has either an attached balcony, private sun terrace or atrium.

Each room is distinctively designed, with a mix of handcrafted antique and modern furniture, textiles in the vibrant colours of Rajasthan, and handpicked objets d’arts. Every room has a unique theme and a name drawn from nature.

Kesar is the local name for saffron. This folky Rajasthani room reflects the sun-kissed desert – soft furnishings in flaming saffron and deep red, and wall and doorway decorations in folk motifs. With a king-sized bed and adjacent large atrium, this room overlooks the garden and rising sun.

Lapis Lazuli
The décor for this room is a mosaic of different shades of blue, complemented by an antique Rajasthani king-sized bed and elaborately carved wardrobe. It has an additional sitting room, and a patio that leads into a garden, a grove of khejri trees and undulating cropland.

The green and yellow colours of the Khejri (Prosopis cineraria) – iconic tree of Rajasthan – find their echo in this light filled room on the first floor. Its other features include: antique teak furniture, a cozy fireplace, windows overlooking fields and a balcony overhanging the pool.

With white adobe floors and soft furnishings in deep indigo, this room has a blend of traditional wooden and modern wrought-iron furniture. Situated on the upper level with a balcony overlooking the pool and a wall of windows looking out into the surrounding gardens and countryside, it has a king-sized bed, traditional wardrobe, and cozy fireplace.

A large room on the upper level, the all-white décor – redolent of jasmine – is a counterpoint to the deep copper hues of the four-poster king bed, and traditional Rajasthani furniture. It has a fireplace, windows overlooking tree tops and green fields, and a balcony that hangs over the pool. An excellent choice as a honeymooners’ hideaway.

Pale aquamarine, deep green and brilliant blue soft furnishings,– the hues of the peacock, bird of Rajasthan, from which the room takes its name – complement the traditional Rajasthani muted-green hand-painted furniture in this room. Situated on the first level, the room’s unique feature is two private open terraces that overlook fields of wheat, mustard and pulses, and a large deck overlooking the pool.

Pink is one of the defining colours of Rajasthan, and Gulaabo ( also meaning the rose flower) is a name given to both men and women in the region. This large cool room on the ground floor celebrates Jaipur’s pink theme and block-printing craft, reflected in both the soft furnishings and furniture (antique carved king bed and wardrobe, imaginatively designed coffee tables). French windows overlook gardens and fields of wheat and maize on one side, while a balcony opens out into the pool-court on the other.

The lime is a prized fruit in Rajasthan, given its cooling properties, and addressed affectionately in folklore as Nimbuda (the Savista farm has over a hundred lime trees). This spacious tubular room on the ground floor has a modern décor and the coolest of lime green interiors. The green theme blends seamlessly with the luminous green landscape that comes right up to the two large French windows and many smaller windows: groves of neem, khejri and lesva trees. A pool-side balcony anchors the room to the haveli.

Celebrated in Indian folklore, the aromatic Parijat (Night Jasmine) flower is the inspiration for this garden room. A mango tree growing outside also begs to be included in the conception of the décor: a fusion of glowing pink, magenta and mango yellow, offset by silver grey. This is our only twin bedroom. A small glass enclosed sitting room is an addition, leading to an exclusive garden sit-out and the fields beyond.

Bhaskara is one of the many Sanskrit names for the sun. The colours here, in brilliant yellow and silvery white, are a homage to the sun and moon. Large French windows across two walls open out into a grove of shady neem trees, and the balcony leads to the pool. This spacious tubular room has a modern décor, with a wrought iron king bed.

A spacious poolside room with French windows opening out onto a leafy arbor of Karanj trees, the décor is a blend of wood-carved and painted antique Rajasthani furniture, with soft furnishings in orange and brick-red, offset by brilliant blue.

Named after the flower of the Kachnaar (Mountain Ebony) tree, this small cozy upper level room with king bed has mirror-worked embroidered soft furnishings in brilliant shades of red and hot pink. The room is poised between the great outdoors: its own large private sun terrace on one side infused with the aroma of nearby flowering plants and providing a vista of tree-tops; and on the other side an open deck overlooking the pool.

Named after the old river that used to flow alongside the Savista estate, this room overlooks the dramatic jagged wooded ravines of this former tributary. It has a simple double bed and mix of modern and old Rajasthani furniture. The soft furnishings are in traditional deep red and black, and reflect pastoral weaves from western Rajasthan and hand-block prints from Bagru, an ancient artisan village 10 km from Savista. It has a balcony overlooking the pool.

The orange, fuchsia and warm mustard décor of this room, reflected in the hand-painted flowers on the traditional Rajasthani bed and wardrobe, is inspired by the flowering  Gulmohur ( Delonix regia)  trees of the region. The room has its own private sun terrace that overlooks a garden, trees, and gently rolling fields.
Uttara and Megha are on long lease to the Company.