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Savista, at Village Sanjharia, Off Ajmer Road, Jaipur 302042, Rajasthan

Block Printing

Savista offers its guests the unique experience of learning textile hand block printing as taught by the traditional artisans of Bagru who have been practicing this craft for at least 350 years.  The quality of the water, soil and plant resources of this region all had a role to play in the evolution of the craft.

The master craftsperson whom Savista works with is a fifth generation printer who has his own traditional print studio. Workshop participants will work alongside the printer’s associates (mostly family members, both male and female)  and have the opportunity to savour the artisanal work environment.  On most days, they would also meet the patriarch of the family who still works there. Adding to the experience will be the daily drive to and from Bagru – around 10 km from Savista  – through beautiful rolling farmland, small villages, and the past the medieval fort of Bagru which was once a Rajput principality.

Guests opting for this experience will learn to print on cotton fabric, using  hand-carved wooden blocks of their choice, and custom-made vegetable and mineral-based dyes.  The  master printer will introduce them to the processes of washing, dyeing, color fixing, block carving, printing, and textile finishing.

Guests may opt for a fleeting “brush with blocks” (half day or one day), or the full two nights-three days package that will be a more immersive experience.

(Photo credits: 1) Rani Mullen, a friend of Savista from New Delhi, who stayed with us in 2011, 2) Ellie, from China, who stayed with us in 2013, 3) Deepak Chhipa, our crafts partner in Bagru, 4) Carol Miltimore, from the U.S., who stayed with us in 2013, 5) Julie Zenobi, from the U.S., who stayed with us in 2013.)