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Savista, at Village Sanjharia, Off Ajmer Road, Jaipur 302042, Rajasthan

Foot Reflexology at Savista: another wellness feature

We are happy to announce that guests staying with us can now look forward to attending to their mind-body balance with multiple DIY sessions of walking on the river bed pebbles that line the bottom of this  dedicated pool

The reflexology pool started its life as a drinking water pool for our two horses.  Rani and her daughter Sharayu loved to frolic around the haveli, just so they could feel close to the family, so we laid out the pool close  to the haveli where they could easily cool off after their enthusiastic exertions.  The pool remained as a forlorn reminder after the horses had departed from Savista, getting by with nurturing some water plants.  If we wanted to keep it as an indelible memento of the wonderful times we had enjoyed with Rani and Sharayu,  it would have to be made to serve some new purpose.  Preferably something related to the well-being of mind and body, something that our relationship with our horses had always meant for us.
 Thus was born  the idea of a foot reflexology pool.  Large smooth pebbles were procured from a dry riverbed closeby and brought to Savista by camel cart.  The region around Savista once used to be criss-crossed by several small perennial rivers.  In recent decades, unplanned urbanisation and consequent reckless exploitation of water has led to the drying up of most of these rivers.  The beautiful brown pebbles – smoothened to a fine polish by centuries of flowing water, when people co-existed with nature in a state harmonious simple living – are all that remain. Now, sitting at the bottom of the little horses’ pool, they also serve to remind us of a lost natural heritage of this region.
 The concept of reflexology is based on an ancient understanding of the soles of the feet as mirrors of the body’s internal organs.   The reflex points are believed to go from the bottom of the feet all the way to the top of the head encompassing all the vital organs along the way.  Putting  pressure on reflex points located in the foot is believed to vibrate the various internal organs that correspond to them,  helping to  prevent  and cure diseases caused by blockages to the body’s natural internal balance – known as prana in Sanskrit and chi in Chinese – which is the basis for physical and mental well being.
 The benefits of foot reflexology are believed to be manifold:  calmness and serenity, improved circulation, increased energy and balanced emotions among many others. It is believed to be  appropriate for all ages as well as for a variety of ailments, and particularly beneficial for coping with the ageing process.   Not only soothing to sore feet, it is believed to benefit most other body aches and pains.
 Practised for thousands of years across Asia and Egypt ( among other parts of the ancient world),  techniques of foot  reflexology complemented a natural lifestyle where even simply walking barefoot over rocks, stones and rough ground served to stimulate the reflexes. In today’s modern world, we have lost much of nature’s way of maintaining a balanced and healthy equilibrium. Reflexology is believed to help to restore this balance and promote natural health and vitality.
 Many benefits  of Foot Reflexology have been listed:
Induces a state of deep relaxation by opening neural pathways;
Stimulates more than 7,000 nerves, encouraging the opening and cleansing of neural pathways;
Increases circulation, improving blood flow throughout the body;
Cleanses the body of toxins and impurities;
Stimulates the central nervous system;
Stimulates energy flow throughout the body; and
Balances the whole system thus revitalizing the body’s natural energy flow.
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 Even if it does only some of the above, it is one more way of helping the body heal and restore itself.    And if you can do it while being under the open sky, breathing lungfuls of fresh country air and listening to the birds, why not!
Reflexology pool set amidst gardens and trees

Savista’s guests try out some foot reflexology