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Jaipur, India
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Tour of Bagru’s Block Printing Sector

photo taken by Jeremy Fritzhand About a month ago we had two lovely visitors from the U.A.E. come to stay at Savista. And from our first meeting, they clearly expressed interest in textiles, even sharing with us pages torn from a magazine highlighting the beauty of authentic textiles of Jaipur. The couple was most interested […]

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Water Bodies Around Savista

The rains have been particularly bountiful in Jaipur this monsoon season.  And Savista and its environs have benefited greatly from nature’s generosity. On Tuesday September 6, the sixth day after Ganesh Chaturthi, we decided to go in search of a water body in which to immerse our Ganesha – the turmeric representation of the god […]

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better late than never….

A few posts have been piling up here at Savista. One on Eid, another on Ganesha. So we hope that you will welcome them like a well meaning belated birthday card, a chance to celebrate for another day, to savor the sweetness a little bit longer….. 🙂

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Sorting at Savista

Here at Savista we pride ourselves on our commitment to an environmental ethic. Over the past few years our sustainability initiatives have been big and small, some only discernable to the critical eye, and others in plain sight. This list includes the decision to paint the roof white in compliance with the albedo effect, solar […]

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We’re Back!

Although it’s been a while since our last post, Savista continues to thrive in the countryside of Rajasthan. The contrast of the white haveli with the green foliage which surrounds it is strikingly beautiful, and gives one a sense of peace and tranquility. It is for this reason that we want to invite you to come celebrate […]

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Launching Savista’s new blog

At long last, we finally decided to bite the bullet and take Savista into the digital age with this new blog. Why a blog? Because our guests more often than not come as strangers and leave as friends, and we’ve been looking for ways in which to stay in touch with our growing community. And […]

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