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Savista, at Village Sanjharia, Off Ajmer Road, Jaipur 302042, Rajasthan

Soaking in the winter sun

Savista’s housekeeping staff – who are all from the surrounding farming households – soaking in the sun during their lunch break.

Jaipur: Colours and textures of the northern Indian winter

With late sunrises against cloud speckled backgrounds, velvety orange  and crimson covering the ground (marigolds and roses in bloom),  and delicate pinks and deep blues in the dusk sky, winter is finally here! Savista pictures:  View from the roof; Floating[…]

Jaipur Flowers: Signs of Early Autumn at Savista

It is nearing the end of September, the time of year when across Europe and north America the palette of foliage colours is dominated by blazing shades of yellow, gold and red. In otherwise tropical India, too, in those parts[…]

Jaipur’s Flowering Shrubs:What’s blooming at Savista?

Towards the end of the Rajasthan monsoon, for about three to four weeks, the rains stop abruptly and a fierce heat and humidity set in. The monsoons are not yet over; the final signing off with a few torrential showers[…]

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